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Hi welcome to my site not yours mine not mining for gold mine ya losers............. what oh the microphone is on ah hem where was I oh yes lets get to the point my name is Craig valentine

I am 14 years old my favorite desert is APPLE PIE MMMMMMMM I LOVE APPLE PIE anyways my favorite top 3 cereals are nesquick, froot loops and corn pops oh by the way try my cousins website atwww.youngmillionaireforum.com And his other site


 anyways ah im being attacked ah help me ah ah ah ah ah excuse me for 1 sec shut up Dakota  God ok now where was I tell I got rudely interrupted

for the last time Dakota shut up and no now where was I again oh you want to know about Dakota he is my little annoying brother. Well here we go THE END now get lost I mean bye no really get lost...  bye get lost