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this is whats going to replace the Iphone 4gs or any of the ipod touches and iphones by apple


UltraSurf (access any website from any computer)


Hi welcome to my NEW and improved site. My name is Craig I am now 18 years old

I made this site when I was 14 and have come A REALLY long way. the things I know now are so beyond that It would probaly be 1GB of information for me to type it all. 

I WILL BE updating this more and expanding I also will be showing you things that you CANNOT believe for starts here's my YouTube account CraigBrian "Freakin sweet Jumps" was my first YouTube video that made me famous

Now I have made my own Programs such as "Elieto and RuneScape Highscore Updater"
I have even made my own game in Flash.
I was only 14 when I made those.

But now I'm all about Bluray Movies and High Quality Music. the things you will learn here will AMAZE YOU. and I will be updating it regularly 

If you want to see what my old website looked like then here is My Original Website

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